Agricultural Industry Services

All of our General Services are available to our Agricultural Industry clients. But you may be asking yourself how we are uniquely able to help… so we’ve built this page to give you an idea of the types of projects we have worked on and have grown to understand the special needs of.

Farmers and ranchers work hard to put food on America’s table, and LaBruzzi Media Craft is proud to support local agriculture.

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Whether you are raising money for a new ag education facility, a scholarship program, or disaster recovery. We’ve been there and done that. From buttons to event invitations, donation forms to case statements… we know how to get folks involved to help meet your fundraising goals.


Postcards, calendars, stickers, brochures… these are just some of the fun projects we’ve worked on to help promote local farm tours and pumpkin patches. We’ve also created calendars for equine training barns and stallion line-ups. Catalogs are also our specialty. We’ve been working with one of our bull proof catalog clients for over 12 years!


Facility maps and crop report infographics are just a couple of the projects that come to mind for Illustration. We love starting something from scratch… taking simple data or rough maps and making them both beautiful and functional.


We’ve created advertisements for dairy cows & bulls, dispersal sales, show horses, county fairs, and other small businesses that support and provide services to local agriculture. These are some of our very favorite clients because of the relationships that often grow into a sense of family, as well as many years of loyal business.