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Honors & Awards

Achievement AwardNovember 2017

Issuer: Western Fairs Association

1st place Fair program/schedule (magazine)

Achievement AwardNovember 2016

Issuer: Western Fairs Association

1st place magazine ad, 1st place fairtime ad poster, 2nd place digital ad campaign (single ad), 3rd place digital ad campaign (series), 3rd place outdoor ad.

Achievement AwardNovember 2015

Issuer: Western Fairs Association

1st place newspaper ad (black & white), 1st place magazine ad, 1st place electronic newsletter, 2nd place facilities website, 2nd place Fair program/schedule (magazine), 3rd place newspaper ad (color), 3rd place online ad, 3rd place outdoor ad, 3rd place Fair poster.


I have enjoyed working with Leasha in her position in Marketing with the Sonoma County Fair. She is creative, efficient, understanding and is a good listener. I recommend Leasha for your promotional needs.

I have the pleasure of working with Leasha on the PMG-North Bay board of directors. Over the years, we have sat on committees together, planned events, and worked at growing an organization that we both believe in. I have seen her hard work and dedication lead to amazing results and her passion inspires others to do the same. Her ideas are creative and her designs are visually appealing and clever. I enjoyed all the time I have been able to spend with Leasha and truly appreciate all that I have learned from her.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Leasha LaBruzzi. She is creative, talented, professional and offers a turn key product that allows her clients the ability to keep all assets on brand. Leasha’s extensive marketing and public relations experience provides her with the big picture insight to minimize project edits and revisions. I look forward to working with her on each and every project.

I had the pleasure of working with Leasha LaBruzzi from December of 2013 to February of 2015. Her eye for detail is amazing and her work in Illustrator is top-notch. She created logos and layouts for our clients in Adobe Illustrator every day. Her eye for esthetics is wonderful and we rarely had requests from our clients to change her designs.

In my opinion Ms. LaBruzzi would be an asset to any organization looking for graphic art. Her attention to details and over all view on the project she is given has by far outweighed any other graphic work we have done in the past.

Leasha was an excellent boss – I felt comfortable and encouraged to come to her with questions, knowing that not only would she take the time to teach me how to do something, but that I would then know it was done correctly. Always a professional, she goes above and beyond in every project she does and every role she is in.

I had the opportunity to work as the Marketing and Public Relations Assistant to Leasha in 2015 while she was the Publicist for the Sonoma County Event Center at the Fairgrounds. Not only is she very educated and creative in her craft, but she was a great teacher and role model in the field, teaching me best practices and tips for ways to improve my workflow and graphic design abilities. Leasha has always paid close attention to detail, and it always showed in her work with the Sonoma County Fair and Harvest Fair. I’m very happy Leasha and I have kept in contact over the years working on various projects together!

I highly recommend Leasha LaBruzzi as a candidate for your design project. Leasha came to work for my company in 2007 as a production assistant and currently works as a contract designer. Over the years, Leasha has been responsible for all of our client contact and relationships as well as project coordination for our busy advertising schedule. We send out about 300 – 400 ad pages annually and work in a variety of languages. Leasha has also worked on design aspects of the business including logo design and layout design. She has been a valuable asset on our photo work including color correction and image manipulation. In addition, she is extremely reliable. Leasha is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done with quality and attention to detail.

I’ve worked with Leasha over the last several years and have seen the work she produces for her clients (and been on the receiving end of this work) – she is absolutely phenomenal, creative & detail-oriented. She always meets deadlines and exceeds expectations. I would recommend her to anyone looking for quality graphics.