This right here (writing my first blog for LaBruzzi Media Craft at 1:00 AM) is what us freelancers call “self-employed problems”. While the perks are plentiful, the struggle is also very real. Sure, I can make my own hours. I can work in my pajamas if I feel like deadlines take priority over taking a shower and getting dressed on any given day. I can also take a cuddle break with my dog if I need a moment to recharge the batteries. However, there ARE deadlines. There is a WHOLE business to run and promote. There are NO co-workers to lighten the load, and there is a growing to-do list a MILE long. So why write this blog now? Why stay up so late if there isn’t a pressing deadline? Well… because I started off by working on my portfolio page and got distracted with building a blog and setting up a MailChimp account.

I first starting writing this blog as if it were going to be about productivity. It was going to give tips on how to stay motivated in the face of an overwhelming workload. I was even going to geek out on my favorite organizational tools, but let’s face it… nothing of importance is going to come from this post tonight (this morning?) other than perhaps what NOT to do:

  • Don’t work late without a goal.
  • Don’t eat brownies at midnight.
  • Don’t work in your bed.
  • Don’t think you can catch up on everything in one night.
  • Don’t write blogs at 1:00 AM