Together we grow. I am deeply invested in networking and supporting other creatives and marketers like myself. Any opportunities to collaborate on a project are always welcome. If you would just like to talk shop, I’m also a big fan of sharing information to help each other grow.

Board Member

PMG North Bay

Dec 2016 – Present

The North Bay is a unique community whose businesses have distinct needs often under served by San Francisco-based professional groups. In response to the growing need for local professional development, the Professional Marketing Group-North Bay (PMG-North Bay) was founded in 2011 to provide educational and networking opportunities to the region’s business-to-business marketers. With education as its primary focus, PMG also facilitates knowledge sharing and relationship building among the North Bay’s marketing professionals by offering a series of programs and events throughout the year.


North Bay Designers

Jan 2015 – Present

This is a great place to get to know your design neighbors in the California North Bay. We started this group to meet other designers, talk shop and pass design news and jobs around. Together we can improve the design culture in the area.


Letter People

Oct 2015 – Present

The mission of Letter People is to connect, empower and educate the LGBT Professional Community by hosting mixers, talks and by providing outreach and mentor opportunities for the purpose of nurturing business growth and creating resources to learn, inform and inspire. We are dedicated to growing our business community and becoming the hub for the LGBT professionals in Sonoma County. (Above image courtesy of Flight LLC)


I have lived all over, from the bitter-cold winters of the mid-west, to the scorching hot summers of the Arizona desert. Even the mountains called my name once or twice as I watched the storms roll in over Colorado Springs, CO.

As a current resident of Sonoma County, CA, (and a native of California’s North Bay Area) connecting with the communities in which I work is of great importance to me. My client base is national, with a strong focus on the western states. Because of this, learning the culture and getting to know the goals of each region is vital to my mission, which is to help strengthen the local businesses in each area I serve.