Graphic Designer

Dedicated to delivering craftsman quality print, digital and traditional artwork.

I am a multi-skilled freelance designer with a sharp eye for detail, especially talented at creating eye-catching ad layouts. I also offer consulting services for marketing and public relations.

As a current resident of Sonoma County, CA, connecting with the communities in which I work is of great importance to me. My client base is national, with a strong focus on the western states. Because of this, learning the culture and getting to know the goals of each region is vital to my mission, which is to help strengthen the local businesses in each area I serve.

Making the most of your budget and precious time are my top priorities. So, whether you’re a start-up business or a big corporation, a rancher tending to his herd or a busy executive trying to close a deal, I’m here to at least make this part of the business easier.

The Boat, The Business, The Brand

As the daughter of a third-generation Italian boat builder, I am inspired by the smells of sawdust and motor oil. Also the granddaughter and niece of two incredibly creative graphic designers, I often look at things for what they could be, instead of what they are.

Through the years and generations, boats became ships and wood became steel, art became stock images and hand lettering became digital fonts, but one thing stayed true and that was the integrity and craftsmanship of each project…

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